Modern Foreign Languages


Subject Leader: Miss. I. Ioannou  

Subject Teachers: Mrs. E. Danneau-Joyce
                                  Mrs. M. Alvarez
                                  Miss. R. Griffin
                                  Miss. C. Sheaf
                                  Ms. T. Nelson 

The MFL department aims to provide students with the confidence to develop the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in French / Spanish so that they are able to communicate with French and Spanish speakers around the world. Through the medium of the foreign language they will learn about culture and life in the French and Spanish speaking world including poetry, extracts of literary texts and film. They will be encouraged to be creative with their use of language and to develop techniques to become independent and to enjoy using language for their own purpose.



The students apply and develop the language learning skills they have learnt in primary school. The year 7 course provides the opportunity for the students to develop their skills when learning vocabulary, grammar and phonics. We learn and reinforce these skills in the topic areas below. We encourage the students to use the skills they are learning  to express themselves with increasing independence and confidence.

Greetings, introducing yourself and describing the classroom

Hobbies. Learn the present tense of regular and irregular verbs

Family – describing yourself and others

Talking about the weather

Giving opinions on school subjects

Saying where you live

Saying what you like doing

Telling the time


The year 8 course reinforces and extends the skills that students developed in year 7. They are now also learning to express themselves using different tenses.

Talking about television films books and social media.
Giving opinions and using the present tense – reinforced.

Talking about past holidays / or a past trip

Clothes – colours and adjectival agreements - revisited

Talking about musical tastes
Giving opinions

Making plans for the weekend – the near future

Revise the time – talk about your daily routine

Arranging to go out and where to meet.
Modal verbs

Talking about food


In year 9 the students reinforce their learning from year 7 and year 8. They are learning how to use language they
have learnt and are learning to add more detail when they communicate. They are using different tenses.

Talking about social media, music and festivals.

Talk about jobs and future careers.

Reinforcement of the present, near future and past tense. (perfect in French and the preterite in Spanish)

Talk about part-time jobs and how you have made money in the past.

Talking about school and subjects.
Talk about what your primary school was like.

Talk about healthy living

Use the imperfect tense.

Talk about aches and pains



The students follow the Edexcel GCSE French or Spanish syllabus. They reinforce and build on vocabulary, grammar and phonics they have learnt in Key Stage 3. They learn to give opinions, narrate and talk about past, present and future experiences drawing on language they have learnt. The students will read and listen to materials on a wide range of themes including issues on national and global dimensions such as the environment, personal relationships, role models, cultural life and traditional and international events. They will communicate in writing and speaking activities.

More information is available here: French or Spanish