Before the summer break of 2020, Mrs Loveland wrote a letter to all Parents/Carers about diversity and the BLM movement and mentioned that 2020 will be “a time for change”, and it truly is. Please see below for some details on the changes that are taking place in our school as part of this focus; to ensure that we offer a diverse curriculum and that our learning environment is inclusive to all. 

We began the new academic year by reviewing our curriculum and discussing what we already do to promote diversity as well as the changes we can put in place to truly embed this. We have also had opportunities to discuss the concept of and implications of unconscious bias, therefore ensuring that we as members of staff understand the issues surrounding it and are able to discuss with more confidence matters relating to inequality and injustice.

Both staff and students completed a survey around diversity; this has not only delivered valuable insight into perspectives and experiences, but it was an excellent opportunity to get feedback and suggestions about what more we as a school can do.

Suggestions included: focus and do more around Black History Month, have specific lessons or training on unconscious bias, celebrating diversity and different cultures within school, review books and resources used in lessons and those available in the library to ensure that BAME individuals are represented, reviewing and renewing displays around the school to promote diversity. We continue to implement these over the course of this academic year.

Whilst we focus on different areas of diversity within our school, we also wanted to support you to be able to discuss diversity, equality and inclusivity at home. Please see below for a booklet with very useful information, resources, activities and tips to help families empower children to work towards racial equality. Going forward we will be having important and thought-provoking conversations within our community, and we feel this resource will help you to continue these conversations at home. 

Diversity Lead: Mrs. P. Musekiwa

Parents Guide to BLM

Wear Red Day

Halo Code


Created by our Diversity Ambassadors