Subject Leader: Mrs. H. Grewal

KS3 Curriculum Leader: Mrs. P. Musekiwa
KS4 Curriculum Leader: Mrs. H. Grewal
Numeracy Across the Curriculum Coordinator: Mr. C. Davies-Alexis
Subject Teachers: Mrs. J. Sanders
                                  Ms. L. Popat
                                  Mr. G. Stephens
                                  Ms. C. Sehested
                                  Mrs. J. Medhurst
                                  Ms. A. Rogozi
                                  Mr. J. Ssebatta
                                  Mrs. S. Smith
                                  Ms. T. Calder



Our aim is to deliver a high-quality Mathematics education to all of our students at all levels, so they leave with a sense of accomplishment in numerical fluency, problem-solving and reasoning skills and a robust foundation for understanding how Mathematics proliferates the world we live in.


This programme is aimed to build on the knowledge gained in key stage 2 and extends the student's knowledge in the four key areas of Number, Algebra, Shape, Space & Measure and Data Handling. It will create connections across mathematical ideas to develop fluency, mathematical reasoning and competence in solving increasingly sophisticated functional problems as the students work towards key stage 4.

The strength of the students’ understanding will allow them to move fluently between various representations of mathematical ideas found in other subjects such as Science, Geography, Design Technology and many more.

By the end of key stage 3, pupils are expected to know, apply and understand the matters, skills and processes specified in the relevant programme of study ready to embark on their GCSE courses.

All classes are set into 4 groups with scope for movement if students show good progress

National Curriculum: Click here


Year 10 & 11 - Two year Edexcel Linear GCSE Mathematics Course consisting of two tiers:

Higher Tier – awarding grades 9 to 4 (Summer 2017 New GCSE Grading)
Foundation Tier – awarding grades 5 to 1 (Summer 2017 New GCSE Grading)

There is no controlled Assessment for GCSE Mathematics.

It is very apparent a minimum of a grade 4 for GCSE Mathematics is the gold standard to successfully enter the employability market and as a Mathematics Department we direct a lot of time, resources and effort to supporting our students in achieving this.

All classes are set into 4 groups with scope for movement if students show good progress.