Faith in Action

Fundamental to our school is Christ’s teaching to ‘love your neighbour’ and is reflected in our school motto Act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with your God’ (Micah 6:8). Therefore, as a school we take seriously our duty to challenge injustice and support those in need, and we strive to help students understand their responsibilities towards others in the local community as well as to those in the wider and global communities. Many opportunities are provided to enable students and the whole school community to put faith into action and the response is always willing and generous.

As a school we respond to crisis as well as supporting the long term development work of charities such as CAFOD. For example through our 'Soup and Roll’ Fridays during Lent we have the opportunity to pray, fast and give to others, raising money for the Catholic Children's Society Westminster. 

We also emphasise that serving others is not limited to raising money, and therefore we offer IT-Skills courses to older people, visit care homes and host Tea Parties for senior citizens. As part of our annual tradition, everyone in our school contributes to making Hampers at Christmas for local families.

We work in partnership with Mrs T Hanna, Director of Exodus Youth Worx UK and support local families through weekly food deliveries, and Food Community Hubs which take place each school holiday.  Our outreach team, made up of students, staff and local volunteers, organise, set up and run these days.