Subject Leader: Mr. S. Messenger

Key Stage Curriculum Leader (KS3): 
Key Stage Curriculum Leader (KS4): Mr. A. Rose
Literacy Co-ordinator: Mrs. S. Gregory
Subject Teachers: Ms. S. Morrell
                                  Mrs. L. Lysandrou
                                  Miss. S. Marcou
                                  Ms. K. Lee
                                  Miss. C. Cotton
                                  Ms. S. Dickson
                                  Ms. E. Wilkes-Harper


The English department aims to develop students who can thrive in this academic and demanding subject; students who read independently and critically with insight and engagement; who write accurately and powerfully according to audience and purpose and who speak with confidence and authority on a range of topics.


Building on the foundations of KS2 and preparing students for the rigour of KS4 and beyond, at KS3, students embark on a diverse, challenging and broad curriculum. Students are encouraged to adopt an ‘ideas first’ approach to their reading and writing, while engaging with texts from a range of cultures and times. Moving on from the PEEL paragraphs they may have used at Primary School, students begin on our Academic Writing path, mastering the use of a thesis and learning to develop an argument across an essay.


At KS4, students are encouraged to further improve the skills learned at KS3, linking detailed, critical analysis of texts studied (such as Macbeth, Jekyll & Hyde and Poetry) to the contexts in which the text was set or written. Students follow the AQA examination board for GCSEs in English Language and English Literature. The AQA courses are assessed solely through examinations, with an additional Speaking & Listening Endorsement for GCSE English Language.


A Level students study the Edexcel English Literature GCE, which allows for a broad choice of texts for close study. Continuing on the path of Academic Writing, students are prepared for the rigours of Undergraduate study by exposure to literary criticism in support of their work. Students are assessed through three examinations (One prose; one drama; one poetry) and by a single piece of coursework – a comparative study between two chosen texts.

More information on A Level English Literature is available here


The English department organise some exciting and engaging extra-curricular activities including Debate Club, the opportunity to be a part of the KS3 & KS4 Literacy Teams and the NANOWRIMO young writers’ group, where students write their own novel. Regular visits to the library are encouraged, built into lessons and students are actively encouraged to be wider readers.

Here are our recommended reads