Art & Design


Subject Leader: Miss. S. Marcou

Teacher in Charge of Art: Mr. G. Devine

Subject Teachers: Ms. D. Vorraso
                                  Mrs. V. Petherbridge

Technician: Ms. A. Luscombe


The Art department aims to promote an awareness of the visual language as a means of communication. With this pupils can develop their imagination and creative expression to communicate and understand their thoughts and concepts of the world they live in. Curiosity is developed through the exploration of subject, materials and techniques.


Students work on a series of projects ranging from Identity to Environment.

All students produce creative work, exploring their ideas and recording their experiences through drawing, painting, printing, mixed media, sculpture, photography and Photoshop. The projects are fully supported by critical studies enabling students to develop an understanding and appreciation of artists, craft makers and designers.


Students follow the Edexcel Fine Art syllabus in Art and Design. Over the two years they complete several teacher-directed and self-directed projects which provide them with the opportunity to work in both two and three dimensions using a wide range of media, processes and techniques.

More information on the GCSE in Art and Design is available here


Key Stage 5 Students follow the Edexcel Unendorsed syllabus in Art and Design A Level. Existing skills are further developed and refined. They are encouraged to develop a more individual style and independent way of working. 

More information on the A Level in Art and Design is available here

Art At St Anne's: The Art Department Website 

The 'Art At St. Anne's department website is both a learning resource and creative platform for our Art students. It is a place to not only showcase the talented artwork of our students, but also a site where the girls can exhibit their Art writing skills: finding pride in publishing their work on a public forum. The website also contains detailed information and support on what is expected from them at every stage of their Art studies at the school. 

Visit our Art Website


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  • The Art department participates in the Jack Petchey/ Saatchi Gallery Project 
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