Soup & Roll Lenten Appeal for CCSW

Another successful Lenten appeal for the Catholic Children's Society Westminster.

This year’s Lent campaign was in favour of a Catholic Charity based in our diocese that helps and supports thousands of children in need, the ‘Catholic Children Society’.

There have been various ways for everyone to get involved. We have held ‘Soup and Roll’ lunches as a way of observing our Lenten practices of prayer, fasting and doing something for others. Students and staff opted to pay £1 for a simple lunch of a cup of soup and a bread roll and with their prayer card, prayed with each other before eating. As a way of raising further funds, we held a Dress Down Day on each site and students and staff donated £1. It was wonderful to see how many students and staff supported the fundraiser in different ways. We would like to thank students, families, staff.

Thank you to our Year 12 Community Outreach Team for setting up and organising Soup & Roll at the Upper Site. We especially want to thank our colleague Ms Fraser who together with some Year 9 students prepared fresh soup every week on the lower site with different flavours and all the students who helped to prepare, organise, arrange and serve: Gavra, Dabney, Elsa, Natalia, Divienlene, Justeena, Olakanmi, Lois, Michelle, Gewelle, Ewajesu, Chinwe, Ulkrika and Alyshia.