CPSHE (Citizenship, Personal, Social, Health Education) acknowledges and addresses the changes that learners are experiencing, beginning with transition to secondary school, the challenges of adolescence and their increasing independence. It teaches the skills which will equip them for the opportunities and challenges of life. Citizenship education develops pupils’ understanding of how the United Kingdom is governed and the rights and responsibilities of its citizens.

RSE (Relationships and Sex Education) Our Mission Statement commits us to the education of the whole child (spiritual, physical, intellectual, moral, social, cultural, and emotional) and we believe that RSE is an integral part of this education. Furthermore, our school endeavours to raise students’ self-esteem, help them to grow in knowledge and understanding, recognise the value of all persons and develop caring and sensitive attitudes. We have adopted the Life to the Full programme provided by TenTen which has been approved by RCDOW and the CES.


All teachers including the Senior Leadership Team deliver the programme during designated PSHE and Citizenship lessons, as well as special sessions, projects and assemblies. Part of the curriculum is delivered through others subjects including Science, History, Design and technology, Computing, Religious Education & PE.


To equip the pupils for the opportunities and challenges of life and prepare them to take informed decisions considering their health and wellbeing, their relationships and participation in the wider world.

YEAR 7: 

  • Democracy & Institutions.

  • Managing growth and Puberty.
  • Balanced Diet.

  • Personal safety and risks.

  • Personal finance

  • Voting & School Council


  • Self-esteem & body image.

  • The influence of the Media

  • Dealing with Conflict.

  • Accessing health services and looking after your health.

  • Crime, Youth justice

  • Personal finance

  • Voting


  • Attitudes to risks and consequences

  • Political Parties

  • UK Laws
  • Relationships & marriage

  • Personal finance

Year 10:

  • Social media

  • Challenging discrimination

  • Electoral process

  • Terrorism

  • Mental health

  • Risks & drugs and alcohol

  • Money skills

YEAR 11:

  • Alcohol poisoning and first aid

  • Political engagement & controversial issues

  • Easing exam stress

  • Breast Cancer awareness

We have participated in Parliament Week and have theatre performances to enhance relationships curriculum.

CPSHE Co-ordinator: Miss. H. Troiano