At St. Anne’s we do not accept that any student should be made unhappy by another and we will not tolerate any kind of bullying, physical or emotional. If you feel you are being bullied you should tell your Parents/Carers, your Achievement Leader, Form Tutor, a subject teacher or any adult at school.

Bullies will be dealt with very severely. Remember, do not be cheeky to older students, stay with your Year Group and make as many new friends as you can.


As a school, we place very high importance on homework as a means to follow up on all work covered in class. If you can’t do your homework you must be responsible and speak to your subject teacher as soon as possible or your parents/carers must make contact with your subject teacher to explain why, you were unable to complete the homework set.


You may find it hard to remember where all your classrooms are at first but you will soon know your way around. There is a detailed map in your student planner. There are also maps positioned around the school building.There will also be a team of year 8 students who will assist you at the end of break and lunch to find your classroom. Remember that it’s okay to ask for directions if you are lost!

On your first morning you will line up outside the hall and from there you will be taken to your Form Room by your Form Tutor.

By the end of your first week the school will seem like a much smaller place and you’ll know your way around.


You will need your planner every day – it is a very important book and you should take good care of it.

If you can’t find it, you must tell your Form Tutor/ Achievement Leader straight away.

Remember to have a good look at home as well as retracing your steps at school.

If you forget your planner, you must inform your Form Tutor / Achievement Leader and the front office in reception at the start of the day so that a planner page can be issued. You must have a planner page so you can record all homework set.

You will use your planner to write down your homework, you must record each subject each day. You must then record all homework set and the date it is due to be handed in. If no homework is set, you must record "no homework" beside the subject area. Also record any reminders you have so you must take it to every lesson.

Your parent or carers must sign your planner every week and your Form Tutor will check it regularly.

Other teachers may ask to see it too.

It can be used for messages between home and school.

You should show messages from your parents/carers to the relevant members of staff


If you can’t find an exercise book or a text book you should tell the teacher who teaches you that subject.

If you are worried always speak to your Form Tutor / Achievement Leader. It is important to be organised, always pack and check your bag the night before for the following day’s lessons.

You must always have the following items: text books, exercise books, rough book, school planner, reading book, pencil case, USB stick and PE kit on the day you have PE.


School starts with registration at 8.45am, a warning bell will ring at 8.40am to tell you to line up and get ready for registration. You should try to be in school by 8.30am.

You are welcome to arrive earlier.

If you arrive late you should report to reception and write your name in the signing-in book which is outside the main office, so that staff know you are in school. Make sure that you always sign in when late. Students are advised to plan their journey carefully and to leave plenty of time so to arrive on time for school. Punctuality is a life skill that we stress very strongly at St. Anne’s.


We strongly encourage all our students to lead an active lifestyle and we are very proud of our many successes in the field of sport both individual and team based.

If you can’t do PE you must bring a note from your parent or carer and show it to your PE Teacher.

This can be a separate note or it can be written in your student planner. Your PE kit is seen as school uniform and all students are required to be in full school PE kit in line with the stated school dress code. PE is a compulsory school subject.