london citizens

We are members of London Citizens, and work closely with the organisation to work on community projects, identifying issues of common concern in our local area. These projects allow young people to strengthen their involvement with their local community and enable them to develop the necessary skills and confidence to take an active role.

North London Citizens is an alliance of 45 community institutions including churches, schools, mosques, synagogues, charities and universities that have pledged to work together to make positive change in their local community.

St. Anne’s Catholic Girls School became the newest member in March 2014. We have been developing a team of young leaders from Year 8 and Year 10 who are working together to identify issues of common concern.

Being part of this diverse alliance has allowed us to work closely with other institutions and become more involved with the wider community, working on issues to benefit local people.

At the start of the year, the alliance of institutions local to St Anne’s prioritised the issues of street safety, care for older people, Living Wage and job opportunities for the next 12 months.

We are part of the wider Citizens UK network and are excited about how our students can be part of the 2015 General Election strategy.

Our students have represented the school and our chapter at local meetings, assemblies and events where everyone gathers to discuss and make plans for wider community issues. 

To find out more about Citizens UK and the London Citizens chapter, please click here.