At St. Anne’s we have a house system that is diverse; reflecting the diverse student and staff body and encourages healthy competition. Students and staff belong to a particular house, but we are still all part of one learning family. Each House Patron has a unique theme attached to them that reflects their God given gifts and talents.

Each Patron also has a colour that represents her house colour and students wear badges to show the house they represent. The colours can be seen in the specially commissioned artwork of the patrons for our school.

The Houses and house patrons are:

Mother Teresa (Teresa of Calcutta) was an Albanian-Indian Roman Catholic nun and missionary.
She is the Patron Saint of missionaries and charity.
Known for dedicating her life to care for others.
Her link to charity is strong and her theme is charity.

Joan of Arc
St Joan of Arc is a French national heroine and the patron Saint of service women.
Her theme is vocation

Saint Kateri Tekakwitha was the first Native American Saint. She is the Patron Saint of the
Environment and her theme is the environment

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton was the first woman to open a Catholic school in America.
She is the Patron Saint of Catholic Schools. Her theme is Education.

Sister Thea Bowman is the only non saint of our group. The highly educated Thea Bowman was a teacher
and leader for African American catholic women. Her theme will be “Cultural heritage”.
A cause for canonisation has been opened for Bowman. She has been designated a Servant of God.

Saint Catherine of Alexandria was Egyptian born, famously tortured for her religion on a spiked wheel.
To this day the firework Catherine Wheels are named after her in her honour.
Her patronage includes preachers and philosophers, girls and scholars.
Her theme is “Skills”. St Catherine of Alexandria (students and skills such as debate)


We remember our House patrons and the order they come with our house motto:

“Truth, Justice and Kindness Serve our Belief in Christ”

Teresa, Joan of Arc, Kateri, Seton, Bowman and Catherine House