St. Anne’s aims to serve the diverse and different educational needs of all its students by providing an appropriate match between the curriculum, the content and the individual learning characteristics of the student.

The aim of educational provision for able, gifted & talented students is to ensure that those students identified have every opportunity to achieve their full potential.

What do we mean by Able, Gifted & Talented?

Able, Gifted & Talented children are those who have one or more abilities developed to a level significantly ahead of their year group (or with the potential to develop these abilities)

The term ‘Gifted’ refers to those students who are capable of excelling in academic subjects such as English or History, ‘Talented’ refers to those students who may excel in areas requiring visio-spatial skills or practical abilities, such as PE or Art.

Educational provision for able, gifted &talented students takes place within the framework of the National Curriculum subjects,  but also provides opportunities to study topics and subjects outside of those frameworks.  It is a combination of differentiation, enrichment, extension and acceleration that occurs as both in-class provision and out-of-school activities.


Identification of our able gifted & talents students comes from a wide range of information which includes:

  • Key stage 2 results and Key stage teacher information
  • CATs tests which gives scores for Quantitative, Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning
  • Teacher nomination
  • Key stage 3 and 4 tests and assessments

Teaching and Learning

The teacher’s responsibility is to make sure that all lessons stretch and challenge student’s ability giving them the best opportunity to progress and excel across all subjects.

A range of grouping strategies can be used to maximise more able students learning, in some subjects like Mathematics, English, Science and Modern Foreign Languages students are set according to their ability.

Extra - Curricular Provision

A number of enrichment opportunities are available for our able, gifted & talented students that take place both in school and outside of school, examples include:

  • Enfield Mayor’s Awards for:

    • Debating

    • Public Speaking

    • Science

    • P.E

    • Choral

    • Writing

  • Maths Challenge Days

  • Nrich Maths Day

  • UKMT (United Kingdom Mathematics Trust) national competitions

  • University visits (including Russell Group universities)

  • Workshops which include:

    • Interview preparation for Medicine at Oxbridge

    • Careers in Law, Art & Design and Science

    • Introduction to Oxford University

    • A’ level selection workshop – getting into selecting universities

    • Interview skills

    • Subject related seminars and lectures

  • Jack Petchey ‘SpeakOut’ public speaking competition

  • Educational trips and visits both in the UK and abroad

More information on the Jack Petchey Foundation at St. Anne's can be found here.

Monitoring progress

The monitoring and evaluation scheme is a continuous process that carefully examines the able, gifted & talented programme in terms of teaching and learning, progress (academic, social and emotional) and attainment.  It is comprised of the following components:

  1. Collaborative reviews of provision, investigating the schools provision against specified student targets, interviews, observations and quantitative data analysis including value-added analysis.
  2. Ongoing teacher and lesson observations that examine the quality and appropriateness of differentiation, enrichment and extension.
  3. Matching progress and performance against local and national targets (including Key Stage 2 and GCSE attainment levels, the numbers of GCSEs taken as early entry)

NACE (National Association for Able Children in Education)

Our school has undertaken a full assessment on able, gifted & talented provision through NACE.  We were awarded the NACE Challenge Award in 2008, and then gained reaccreditation in 2013. Further information of what this Award entails, can be found on the NACE website:

If you require any further information on the school’s able, gifted & talented provision please contact: 

Mrs J Lee – Able, Gifted & Talented Coordinator