Our Fair Trade Team was set up as a way of enabling students to live out their commitment to their faith, and based on Jesus’ teaching in the Parable of the Sheep and the Goats. This Fairtrade team has been set up as a business, and it is flourishing! 

Each year a new team within the Sixth Form run the business and have  a committee on both sites. They have written a mission statement and a business plan, and their main aim is to raise awareness and support producers in less economically developed countries. 

They run a stall on each site which is extremely well-supported by the students and staff (Year 9 students run the stall on the Lower Site).  In working towards Fairtrade School status, we also have a school policy that refreshments for staff meetings and public school events, such as the Year 7 Open Evening and Sports Day, will be Fairtrade products.

Make a difference – and support Fairtrade!