Subject Leader: Mr J Kennedy
Assitant Headteacher/Subject Teacher: Miss K Vevers
Subject Teacher: Miss P Baah
                              Miss B Payne


The history department aims to create young historians who are curious about the past. We encourage students to ask their own questions, examine historical evidence and reach their own conclusions.

Year 7 curriculum:

In Year 7 students begin by studying the history of migration to and within the British Isles since prehistoric times. They will also study the Norman Conquest in depth considering carefully the impact that it had as well as other aspects of Medieval history. Historical enquiries will include the following:

  • What have immigrants contributed to Britain?
  • Why did William I win at the Battle of Hastings?
  • Was the Church losing power in the Medieval period?

Year 8 curriculum:

In Year 8 students will study the history of England, Britain and the British Empire from c1500-c1900. They will study the Tudor monarchs, the English Civil War and the British Empire. Historical enquiries will include the following:

  • How much did religion change under the Tudors?
  • Was Oliver Cromwell a hero or a villain?
  • Is the British Empire something we should be proud of?

Year 9 curriculum:

In Year 9 students study the role of conflict in the history of the 20th Century. Students consider the key factors influencing international relations in the 20th Century as well as the impact that Wars had on Britain. Historical enquiries will include the following:

  • Why did the First World War begin?
  • To what extent should we blame the American Congress for the start of World War Two?
  • Who were the victims of the Holocaust?

GCSE curriculum:

In Years 10 and 11 students currently follow the Edexcel History B syllabus. We complete the following options for each Unit:

  • Unit 1- Crime and Punishment c50AD-Present day
  • Unit 2- The Transformation of British Society c1815-1851
  • Unit 3- The Transformation of Surgery c1845-1918
  • Unit 4- Russia 1917-39 (controlled assessment)

More information is available here

A Level curriculum:

At A level we currently follow the Edexcel GCE History syllabus. We focus on protest in a number of different historical contexts. The units studied are:

  • Unit 1- Civil Rights in the USA 1945-68 and The USA in Asia 1950-73
  • Unit 2- Representation and Reform 1830-1885
  • Unit 3- Protest Crisis and Rebellion in England 1536-88
  • Unit 4- The changing role of women 1850-1950 (coursework)

More information is available here