Subject Leader: Mr. A. Sikuade

Subject Teachers: Mr. S. Lawless
                                Ms. S. Fatima
                                Miss J. Cowley
                                Miss G. Hussein                     



The course intends to develop skills from the study of the local environment as well as the wider physical and human environment. There is a greater focus on developing independent research and investigation skills with opportunities for ICT use. The Geography Department strives to ensure that pupils studying Geography will develop the following aspects to their learning:

  • To recognise the value of the subject within the work place.
  • To find geography a challenging and relevant subject that they may wish to continue its study at Ks4, Ks5 and higher education.
  • To appreciate and develop empathy with other cultures and people with differing values.
  • To help develop skills for the 21st Century workplace.

Key stage 3:

Geography is taught in modules lasting a full Term. There are 3 modules taught in each year group. The modules have been updated to take into account the new curriculum changes for September 2014. In Year 9 students will actually be covering GCSE modules.

Year 7:

1. An Introduction to Geography

  • Map skills
  • A Sense of Place

2. Natural world shaping the landscape

  • Rivers (including the water cycle)
  • Glaciation
  • Coasts

3. Human world shaping the landscape

  • Population
  • Urbanisation

Year 8

1. Development

  • Includes studying a region in Africa and Asia

2. World of Work

  • Developing an understanding of economic activity

3. Consuming Resources

  • Developing an appreciation of the issues related to the over consumption of the World resources

Year 9

1. Restless Earth

  • Studying the causes, impacts and management of earthquakes and volcanoes

2. Climate and Change

  • Studying the causes and impacts of climate change

3. Extreme Environments

  • A study of life in polar and hot arid environments


KS4: This is a two year course that follows the Edexcel B specification. Students are assessed over 4 Units of work one of which involves a controlled assessment task. All examinations will take place at the end of Year 11 as will the submission of the controlled assessment.

Year 10 and 11

Unit UNIT Name Course weighting Year of study
1 Dynamic Planet 25% 9 and 10
2 People and Planet 25% 11
3 Making a Geographical Decision 25% 11
4 Investigating Geography (Controlled Assessment) 25% 10

Please click here to see the Specification. More information is available here


This is a two year course AS and A2 that follows the Edexcel specification.

Unit UNIT Name Course weighting Year of study
1 Global Challenge 30% 12
2 Geographical Investigations 20% 12
3 Contested Planet 30% 13
4 Geographical Research 20% 13

More information is available here

Trips & Extra Curricular Activities

The Department is committed to ensuring that students have an opportunity to experience field visits so as to enhance their learning and experience of the subject and to develop a practical appreciation of the subject.

KS3 – The Department is planning to provide opportunities for orienteering activities whereby students can apply map skills in a practical way as well as demonstrating team work. There may be opportunities for students to visit either a coastal area or a river to see how natural processes are at a work.

KS4 – The Department is planning for students to visit the Olympic site in Stratford, East Lonodn to assess the impacts of urban regeneration in the area as part of their controlled assessment.

KS5 – Student regularly visit Epping Forest where they carry out a range of survey work to assess the potential risk of flooding in the locality.

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