Subject Leader: Mr S. Messenger
Lead Practitioner: Miss A Wells
Key Stage Curriculum Leader (KS3):  Miss C. Ganley
Key Stage Curriculum Leader (KS4): Mr. A. Rose
Subject Teachers: Ms. S. Morrell
                                Ms. L. Lysandrou
                                Ms. S. Marcou
                                Miss. K. Lee
                                Miss. C Cotton
                                Mrs. S Gregory
                                Miss. E. Gannon



The English department aims to develop students who read critically with insight and engagement, who write accurately and powerfully according to audience and purpose and to speak with confidence and authority on a range of topics.


At KS3, students are encouraged to further develop the reading, writing and speaking and listening skills they have begun to develop at Primary school. Students are encouraged to use a greater variety of language for effect in their writing, and to use PEEL when critically exploring and analysing a text. Each year, students study a novel, poetry, a playscript, non-fiction texts and learn to write and speak in differing contexts to a variety of audiences and purposes. 


At KS4, students are encouraged to further improve the skills learnt at KS3, linking detailed, critical analysis of texts studied (such as Shakespeare, relationship poetry and Of Mice and Men) to the contexts in which the text was set or written. Students follow the AQA examination board for GCSEs in English Language and English Literature, with some students additionally following the Cambridge iGCSE English Language course. The AQA courses are assessed through internally assessed controlled assessment and three terminal exams. Students who additionally follow the iGCSE course also complete three coursework assessments, one speaking and listening assessment and a further terminal examination.

More information on English Language & English Literature is available here


At KS5, students can opt to follow the AQA English Literature A Level, which covers a range of different texts from different times, focused on topics such as the Gothic. This course is assessed through internally assessed coursework and terminal examination.

More information is available here

Trips & Extra Curricular Activities

The English department organise some exciting and engaging extra-curricular activities including Debate Club, the opportunity to be a part of the KS3 & KS4 Literacy Teams and the NANOWRIMO young writers’ group, where students write their own novel. Regular visits to the library are encouraged, built into lessons and students are actively encouraged to be wider readers.

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