Subject Leader: Ms C Duarte
Subject Teacher: Mr J Daley


This is one of the very few post-16 qualifications that will help you succeed in your future career no matter what path you choose to take in future. The principles of Business that you will learn about here are common to every type of business organisation – from presenting innovative and creative marketing messages to using accurate accounting methods.  The opportunity to learn specfic knowledge and skills in Business will prove extremely useful in many different areas of work and all areas of Business. 

Year 1

Students complete 3 of the 6 units which go towards making up the BTEC Level 3 National Subsidiary Diploma in Business:

  • Unit 1 - The Business Environment (mandatory)
  • Unit 2 - Business Resources (mandatory)
  • Unit 3 - Introduction to Marketing (mandatory)
  • Unit 21 -  Aspects of Contract and Business Law
  • Unit 22 - Aspects of Civil Liability for Business
  • Unit 23  - Aspects of the Legal System and Law making process

Year 2

Students complete the remaining 3 units of this 6-unit qualification which is the equivalent of 1 GCE A-Level:

  • Unit 4 - Business Communication (mandatory)
  • Unit 12 - Internet Marketing in Business
  • Unit 13 - Recruitment and Selection in Business (optional)
  • Unit 14 - Aspects of Employment Law
  • Unit 24  - Aspects of Criminal Law Relating to Business
  • Unit 37 - Understanding Business Ethics (optional)

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Trips & Extra Curricular Activities

The delivery of the core business concepts and ideas is supported by visits to local employers and businesses, e.g. Coca Cola, Cadbury’s. Students also undertake a mandatory 2 week industrial placement in a work-related environment which is used as a basis for the completion of much of their 6 unit portfolios over the 2-year duration of the course of.

Furthermore, as part of unit 13 (Recruitment and Selection in Business), the students are required to plan and participate in an actual interview role-play and to then reflect on their experience with a view to improving their prospects of securing an a suitable position after graduating from university.