About St. Anne

As a Catholic School we are greatly inspired by our patroness, St. Anne, the mother of Mary. There are strong links with St. Anne and education as the tradition is that it was St. Anne who taught Mary to read. However, when we reflect on this tradition we think not just of education in the sense of learning to read or passing exams, but also in terms of faith. St. Anne taught Mary about the goodness of God and so she is an excellent example for us of someone who, by her example of faith, inspires others to trust in God too.  As a Catholic school we recognise our dependence on God for all that we have and achieve and it is this ethos that permeates everything we do in school. 

Prayer and Worship

Catholic values and worship are at the heart of our school.  Our belief that God has created every person shapes our attitude to all so that we recognise that each person has been created with a purpose, is valuable and has gifts and talents. As well as teaching the Catholic faith and values through the curriculum we also strive to help students grow spiritually and foster in them the realisation that they are loved by God. Through our school Masses, assemblies, Services of Reconciliation, retreat programme and other liturgies we come together as a school community to pray and give thanks, and through the prayer and worship life of the school we give students the time and space to be able to reflect on their life and the place of faith in their lives. Below you will find some examples of the opportunities we provide for prayer and worship at St. Anne’s:

  • Masses at the start and end of each year and term as well as feast days or solemn Masses such as Ash Wednesday
  • Praying as a Form group at the start of every day in tutor time and in RE lessons
  • Whole school and Year assemblies
  • Services of Reconciliation
  • Stations of the Cross
  • Small groups in the chapel

Christ’s teaching to ‘love your neighbour’ is an integral part of our school and is reflected in our school motto taken from the book of Micah 6:8  Act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with your God’. Therefore, as a school we take seriously our duty to challenge injustice and support those in need and we strive to help students understand their responsibilities towards others in the local community as well as to those in the wider and global communities. Many opportunities are provided to enable students and the whole school community to put faith into action and the response is always willing and generous. As a school we support CAFOD as our main school charity as well as supporting other charities chosen by different year groups. We respond to crisis as well as supporting the long term development work of CAFOD through fund-raising activites such as:

  • CAFOD Bike Ride, Cake Sales, Sponsored Walks
  • 'Soup and Roll’ Fridays - opportunity to pray, fast and give to others, raising money for CAFOD on Harvest Fast Day and the Catholic Children's Society Westminster during Lent.

We also emphasise that serving others is not limited to raising money and therefore we support local groups for example Age Concern in Enfield, visiting a care home and hosting a tea party for senior citizens.  

School Prayer

School Prayer

Liturgy Team

Our students are excellent in taking part in our Liturgical celebrations of School. They altar serve, sing, read and prepare for such occasions under the guidance of the school chaplain. We meet once every two weeks.

Justice & Peace Group

As a school Justice & Peace Group, we have three main areas of activity: prayer, awareness and campaigning. Students are made aware of the wider issues of the world. We look at  areas of Catholic Social Teaching such as international peace, social Justice, human rights, world development and Integrity of creation.